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Help your customers become ROCKSTARs

Here's a secret: Your customers don't really want your product. Or your services. 

What they really want is that thing your offering helps them to do.  To achieve.  To grow.  To win.  To become. 

Your customers want to be smarter.  Faster.  More efficient.  They want to be ROCKSTARs in their day-to-day. 

Simple-CX helps you deliver ...

Customer Experience ("Journey") Maps

Customer Health

  • Customer health strategy and management
  • Customer Health map
  • At-risk reduction and management


Use data to drive innovation

Data may be ubiquitous today but Simple-CX helps you to actually use it to better help your customers.  And grow your business.  Faster.

We help you answer the three key data-driven questions for your business:

"What should we focus on?"

  • Predictive analysis of key customer behaviors (eg: Renewals, cross- and up-sells)

"Where could we do better?"

  • Voice of the Customer (NPS, C-SAT, etc)
  • Key Performance indicators and benchmarks

"How are we doing right now?"

  • Dashboard reporting
  • Tell your data's story

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Hire, challenge, and grow customer success heroes

The #1 predictor of customer success is employee engagement


Simple-CX helps you to find and retain, challenge and grow a team that is creative.  Passionate.  Focused on your customers. 

A team of customer heroes who will mentor your customers at each step along their journey with your company.

Analysis and modeling:


  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Customer-centric skills training
  • Customer success coaching
  • Innovation management