Grow your business with

actionable customer analytics


Two truths:

You have to fight for every customer


It's better to fight smart than to fight hard. 

The good news is that you already have most everything you need to win: All the data your company collects and stores about your customers and their experiences with your company. 

Simple-CX helps you to turn all that data into insights you can act on with confidence.

We will answer three basic questions:

Future opportunity: "What should I focus on?"

Current opportunity: "Where could I improve?" 

Current state: "How am I doing right now?"

The statistical methodologies and tools to answer these questions are common, proven, and reliable.  Simple-CX will choose the right ones for your data and your business.  We then execute in a scientific manner. 

No gimmicks or false promises.  Just results you can bet your business on.

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